The Butterfly Celebration – An alternative to throwing rice, release live butterflies at your wedding.

    Bayou Butterflies – Specializes in handraised Monarch butterflies to be released at your wedding. Also offers specialty gift items and a variety of butterfly display cages.

    Wish Upon A Wing – Offers live hand raised butterflies to release at any occasion.

    Butterflies – Live monarch butterflies for release at your special occasion.

    Florida Monarch – Fill the sky with a release of beautiful monarch butterflies and make your wedding or other special occasion a truly memorable event.

    Blessed Wings – Create a lifetime of memories by adding the beauty of a butterfly or dove release to your special event.

    Fragrant Acres – Provides live butterflies for release at weddings and other special events throughout the United States.

    The Monarchy – Live butterflies for release at special events.

    A Butterfly Affaire – Live butterflies for release at weddings and special events including products, gifts and favors for a butterfly themed wedding.

    Clearwater Butterfly – Provides information on how to order live butterflies for butterfly releases at weddings and other special events.

    Michael’s Fluttering Wings Butterfly Ranch – Offers live butterflies for all occasions.

    Butterflies For San Diego – Butterfly releases for all occasions, also offers the Meta-Sphere butterfly rearing kit.

    Flutterbies – Live monarch butterflies for release and display at all occasions. We also offer beautiful mounted butterfly art, including wedding invitations.

    Lilies Of The Field – Live monarch or mixed butterflies for release and display.

    Butterflies On The Potomac – Sells butterflies for both public exhibit and for release at weddings.

    Butterfly-Whispers – Hand reared certified live monarch butterflies available for release at events.

    Butterfly Haven – Add a special touch to your occasion with live butterflies to release.

    Butterflies Of Skippack Village – Commemorate your special occasion with a butterfly release.

    Monarchs Alive – Celebrate your marriage with live monarch and painted lady butterflies.

    Flutter Farm Butterflies – Raises butterflies for release at special events. Includes contact information and products. Located in Winters, Texas.

    The Butterfly Shoppe at Milkweed Cafe – Offers an informative guide that answers questions about butterfly releases. Also offers unique butterfly garden favor boxes for weddings and special events, butterfly themed gifts, and butterfly party supplies

    Butterflies of the Central Coast – Live butterflies for releases and greeting cards.

    Butterfly Wings n’ Wishes – Raise live Painted Lady Butterflies to help you celebrate the special occasions in your life.

    Whispering Wings Butterfly Farm – Butterflies of several varieties for special events. Educational presentations and training available locally, in the southeast Massachusetts, USA, area. Sells kits for raising one’s own butterfly.

    Amazing Butterflies for Weddings and Special Occasions – Butterfly releases for special events. Offers live butterflies or pupae for exhibits. Contact information, details about butterfly farming, butterfly artwork, and price and shipping details.

    Berkshire Butterflies – Beautiful live monarchs and painted ladies for all occasions

    Blessings for the Heart – A live butterfly farm offering butterflies for release at special events.

    Butterflies Over Hawaii – Offers butterflies for release at your life’s special occasions.

    Swallowtail Farms – Monarch butterflies available for special occasions.

    The Occasional Butterfly Company – Hand raised butterflies for releases and displays at wedding or other special occasions.

    Magical Beginnings Butterfly Farms – Provides Monarch butterflies to be released at special events.

    Greathouse Butterfly Farm, Inc. – Find sales and contact information, services offered, pictures and news clippings, tips and tricks for caring for butterflies, and a FAQ.

    Butterflies and Blossoms – Sells live butterflies in California only. Pictures, services, contact information, and butterfly care tips.

    Florida Butterflies – Provides butterflies for live releases. Prices, guarantee, and contact information.

    Flutter, Fly Away Farm – Supplies butterflies for release at special events. Central Florida displays and educational programs available. Ordering and contact information.

    Flutter-Buy Butterflies – Full service butterfly breeder and educational supplier. Also offers rearing kits and breeding supplies. Ordering and contact information.

    The Butterfly Stockyard – Service to help match your butterfly requirements with a network of over 50 butterfly farmers.

    The Butterfly Box – Live butterfly releases for weddings or other special occasion. Offering Monarchs, Zebra Longwings, Gulf Fritillaries, and Swallowtails.

    International Butterfly Breeders Association – Organization for butterfly breeders or butterfly farmers who raise live butterflies for release and butterfly education. Members specialize in wedding releases and butterfly releases for special events.

    London Pupae Supplies – Specialist breeders and suppliers of exotic butterfly and moth pupae.